Thursday, September 30, 2010

NE bar ranch

 I created a new blog, wanting it to be more then what I enjoy the most history and good old down to earth things.  

This Ranch picture was a surprise to find when searching for mountains  and meadows.  

This was once the Collins Ranch, where my kids grandmother Grace M Collins was born. Her bedroom top left corner of the white house.  wow it was a treat to find it in goggles.  I will need to get the photos out at home and add this to all.
 I have my name engrave up in those quakier along the ridge of the mtn.
 Had spent reunions there with the Collins family, who I might add are some real fine folks.  Grace had 2 older brothers Dee and Everett and older sister Fern.  I only met the brothers and boy where they the kindest people on earth, there wives and their kids who was my husband then cousins.  The stories I would hear from each was a tale I never forgotten.
I dedicate this page for them all who shown me nature and beauty. Most of all strong family ties. Somewhere in those trees my name is there, along with everyone elses.

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