Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Hello all,

I am ashamed I have not updated myself here on this blog. Know my intentions where never meant this directions.  Ive gotten carried away with my Grandkids, and the holidays.  I have been painting lately painting my landscapes, waiting patiently till the weather clears up so I can continue my final piece.  Which I need to continue the mountains drop along with a great front drop of quakes and forestry I know I can do this.  I am excited to complete this imagine so I can share and build my world with yours.

Please come join me and let me here or my other blogs or on face book:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Season

To all my great Artist and Friends, I just want to mention I will be away from my position at work from (Nov 15th to Jan 15th 2011).  I will check my emails and comments but please know if I don't answer quickly I will follow up on responding. 
I am also going to do some painting and when I return will post them on my blog and share I look forward to your comments this will be my 1st showing "EVER" I have been a bad critic to myself, and I need to overcome that barrier.  Your feed back well help me learn.  

I will miss and look forward to returning to share my work.
Dana Park

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chrismas is coming up quickly

I have bought last years close out sales gifts, I am really bad when it comes to close out after an holiday.

  My grand kids have a list already, Madilynn wants a GoGo Dog, Kianna wants a child laptop or DSL lets remember they are only 5 years old.  Kiernan is only 8 months old, so he don't have any wishes "Yet". Daughter wants new luggage, son wants his college to be over...haha. My husband hasn't hinted but Tools has always been his favorite. Yeah like I know how to buy tools.

Black Friday is arriving really soon, I don't know if I will be heading to the stores hate crowded areas, might do some shopping online.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coffee Please

I found this site and I can't tell ya how I wouldn't mind having this job,The mobile coffee shop has that one job I'd like.  I am sure there is more work then the fun, but setting up shop anywhere you like, and meeting new people all the time.  With me loving to paint landscapes I know I would find so much beauty.  I like to introduce some nice people who love their job.

Welcome to our mobile coffee shop that we operate out of a vehicle:
We are fully independent. We have no need to be close to a power source or water supply as we bring this with us. We have a power generator and a water tank with filtered water.
We offer a full range of hot beverages:
·        Espresso
·        Americano
·        Cappuccino
·        Caffe Latte
·        Filter Coffee
We can also optional provide the following:
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Tea
  • Miniral Water
  • Energy drinks
  • The vehicle is fitted with a 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher and a 4.5kg dry chemical powder fire extinguisher.
Now imagine your in the mountain just popping out of your tent and you see this warm welcome coffee waiting to serve.  Heck I'd love it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coffee Drinkers

Study Shows 3 to 6 Cups of Tea Daily Linked Reduced Risk of Death From Heart Disease.
They found that:

* People who drank three to six cups of tea per day had a 45% lower risk of death from heart disease than people who drank less than one cup of tea a day.
* Drinking more than six cups of tea a day was associated with a 36% lower risk of heart disease, compared to drinking less than one cup.
* People who drank more than two, but no more than four, cups of coffee a day had about a 20% lower risk of heart disease than people who drank more or less coffee or no coffee at all.
* Moderate coffee consumption was associated with a slight, but not statistically significant, reduction in death from heart disease, but neither coffee nor tea affected stroke risk.

Making Perfect Coffee:

1. Whole beans: The first step to a great pot of coffee is using quality beans. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. Avoid instant coffee as well as pre-ground beans as the flavor begins to dissipate as soon as the beans are ground. Buy whole coffee beans instead. Don't buy more beans than you will use in a week's time. Store the beans in an airtight container in a dry, cool place. Avoid storing your beans in the refrigerator as that will add unwanted moisture.

2. Grind: Your next step is grinding the beans. For this, you will need a coffee grinder. There are many good-quality coffee grinders available at discount prices on Overstock.com. When grinding whole coffee beans, only grind the amount you need for one pot of coffee at a time. To figure out how fine to grind the beans, consider which type of system and filter your coffee maker uses and consult the following table. As always, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions on your coffee machine for specific suggestions.

3. Percolator or French press: Coarse grind
4. Permanent filter: Medium grind
5. Basket filter: Medium-fine grind
6. Cone-shaped filters: Fine grind
7. Espresso: Very fine grind
  1. Measure: The amount of coffee grinds you use will make the coffee stronger or weaker, so feel free to experiment and find the measurement that tastes best to you. As a general guideline, use 1 to 2 tablespoons of grounds per every six ounces of water.
  2. Just add water: Next, you will want to add cold, filtered water to the water reservoir in your coffee maker. You don't have to buy premium water to brew a good cup of coffee, but if your regular tap water tastes chlorinated, you should consider buying a filter for your kitchen faucet or a filtering water pitcher to keep in the refrigerator.
  3. Brew: Finally, be sure to let you entire pot brew. Stopping the brewing process in the middle to sneak a cup of coffee will change the taste and strength of the coffee. Follow the above steps and you will be sure to brew a perfect pot of coffee every time.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cold Floors

 Its cold when the 1st drop of temperatures hits. It reminds us to change the filters and turn that heater on. couldn't believe how cold our floors where this morning and how our beautiful hard wood floors were so cold.

I differently need to pull out the area rug and lay them out around the house.  It was really cold on the feet this morning. Finding my slippers was a must.

Utah Weather can hit really good and fast.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My friend Mika and Odie

I just have to share my thoughts on how wonderful friends I have in Odie and Mika.  I took deep notice how much they love us.  

Our little fluffy dog is Odie, he was given to us from a friend. Odie came from a Spanish speaking family so when he arrived to us almost 2 years ago he didn't understand a word of English.  I didn't know this of course and didn't bother to ask but when I notice he wouldn't listen to me at simple commands such Sit but he was always excited when I called his name out "ODIE".  I knew hes not a stupid dog just didn't know the English language.  Odie knows English and I cant tell ya how good a dog he has been, his love and affection is so real and so deeply toward me and our family.  He gets so excited and cant wait to give ya affection when coming home for work.  He comes with us everywhere.    
 Before Odie came to us we had a female about 10 years old who I found on KSL list of a dog abandoned who needed a home. Her name was Mika when I seen her I could not say no.
 She was in such poor shape, over weighted and her hair looked like it hadnt been brushed, let alone her toe nail never been clean or cut that was 2004,  I felt he heart beat with mine. 
 I excepted to take her I put her in front of my mini truck cab.  We arrived home and I let her smell around assured her this is her own yard and her own family and she can have anything she wanted, cause she didn't look well and all I can offer her is a good ending with her world of being 10-11 years old and abandoned.  I took Mika down to the pet store for a groom and a manicure.  She looked so much better and I know it made her feel better she was now being taking care of.  We had her 2 years before Odie came to us. 

The next year 2009 Mika wasn't acting right and was not moving around to much. That afternoon my son (24 yrs old) called and told me Mika's not right she wont move. I raced home to find Mika laying under a tree still breathing I laid her on my lap and held her letting her know I loved her dearly and then she was gone. I cant express the loss I lost that day. My husband buried her in the back year near a beautiful rose bush that my mother wanted to plant next to her.  She was our whole family friend and loved one. Mika was able to find love from Me, my husband, my son and my daughter along with grandkids and the rest of the family who knew her.  She has been the best dog and loving dog anyone could ask for.  

I felt so bad for Odie, she was Odie best friend as well. Odie was not himself and I knew I had to do something quick.  Even having her inside the house she didn't feel right. Not long someone had told me that they found another female on KSL for free.
Another Alaskan Malamute, I jumped onto it, When I seen the photo on line she looked just like Mika, this Malamute was 4 yrs old.  When I spoke with the owner he told me that since getting married the dog isn't being responsive and is more of a burden then all.  I hadn't yet seen the female malamute, But when he mention her name was Mika I knew then it was our dog. "Yes" this dogs name was also name Mika,  That was all I needed to drive 50 miles north and except her into the same truck 1st Mika was riding in.  

Brought her home and she loved the big back yard and of course this little fella waiting in the yard as well, they have been best friends and will cry and wine if one is absent from each other.

Its now been 2 Years and we have Mika and Odie who both are very much apart of our family. I couldn't ask for any better friends then I find in these two beautiful animals. Since then I have adopted a cat named Diamond and she get along well with the dogs and with that were all content.

this photo was taken 3 years ago just before 1st Mika passed, but this photo was taken when my mother pasted away, Mika stayed close to me thought the whole day. She knew my heart was hurting and she made me feel good by being their next to me.