Friday, October 15, 2010


Im sure some of you might recall the movie Coffee Tea or me?  Authors Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones share their experiences about their days as airline stewardesses in the 1960s.

Of course I actually didn't watch it until the mid or late 70s But I remember wanting to be an air line stewardesses.

But about Coffee Tea and the drink. I am one who drinks coffee in the morning and sometimes tea in the after noon or evening.  There was a place I visited in New Mexico down by Old Town out side of Albuquerque they was a shop I found where they make all kinds of coffee flavors, they had the dry roasted chocolate covered coffee bean you could eat. You only ate just a few before it was enough.  I love and enjoy drinking coffee not a whole lot but enough to seek more flavors and varieties.

Of course a good coffee maker is great as well, just need to know how to use some of them their are so many varieties as well.  My old favorite is the stainless steel percolator.  I love the smell when it starts to perk.  As well as I do over a camp fire, though I use an old time one.

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