Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Candles by Me

See what you can do
Since Christmas is coming start saving some items you might already have around the house I thought I would tackle making candles again.  

Like A cool sand candle, or just a colorful glass candle or the old fashion milk carton candle so all you'll need is just a candle holder.    

When my kids where younger we would do things like this to give to our family and friends. Its a gift made by our own thoughts and feeling.  It will save you some money for Bigger things "hint"

While your out and about, bring home some pretty rock or seashells depending on where your at, I have to actually buy my seashells, even though I actually have some from years ago vacation.  Here are a few things you will need to get started.

 Candle Wax
 Crayon Colors
Bucket of Sand
Double burner (or one you don’t care ruining)
Sea Shells (optional)
Colorful rocks (optional)
Drift wood (optional)
Wet the sand and mix it for an even consistency. Scoop a hole in the sand for the size candle you want. Flatten out the bottom to give the candle a base. Push the wick into the middle of the hole and tie the other end to a stick that will rest across the top of the bucket to keep it taut. Roll the stick if necessary to take up the slack. Push seashells into the side of the sand. 
    Melt wax in a double burner. Gently pour wax into the sand hole. Let harden overnight. Lift out of sand. Brush of loose sand off. 

         Or you can always search around the house and find some odd and ends of containers:   
    Don't for get to select the crayon color.
    You can try putting some essence in the wax so they well smell while burning.

    The little shot glasses are cute! I sure I'll find one of a kind containers to fill wax up in, Even fill a small sea shell with wax.

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    1. I use to make candles like this as a child! And you know...it would be a great money saving project for Christmas this year.